Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove

Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove: Don’t Let The Cold Come Between You And Your Beer


The weather outside is frightful, the kids are screaming, and Uncle Charlie is starting fights with Uncle Ben. You realize if you don’t get out of the house soon, you are going to have a major meltdown. Isn’t this what makes the holiday season so great?

You are craving an ice cold Budweiser. But with the temperatures below freezing you know going outside is not going to be the best idea. Do you really want to go to the emergency room with a bottle frozen to your hand? While it may make some great stories for future holiday parties, it sounds like a painful ordeal.

Instead, you would be much better served with the Hanskie beer koozie glove. This ingenious glove covers the entire beer bottle and hand, letting you sip that delicious nectar no matter how cold it gets outside. Made with sheep’s wool your fingers will never feel just how cold it is. Once you have finished you can go back and finish off an evening with the relatives.

Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove 2

Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove 3

Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove 4

Hanskie Beer Koozie Glove 5$29.99 From Amazon

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