Harry Potter Gym Tank Top Shirt

Harry Potter Gym Tank Top Shirt: Check Out This Shirt For Pedophiles!


Look. I never watched “Harry Potter” because that sh*t is freaking stupid. It’s a movie about watching a prepubescent boy and his friends go to a wizard school or something. That sh*t is for little kids, and it’s pretty creepy that a grown adult would be into that kind of stuff. But, I guess to each their own, so do what you want. Just don’t try and drag me into your perverted underaged sex games!

But, to help you flaunt your sick lifestyle, here is a Harry Potter Gym Tank Top shirt that has some wizard talk on it. It says “Bro, do you even leviosa?” That is a word in the Harry Potter universe that is part of a levitation spell. The shirt also has a picture of a barbell, floating with some stars. If you don’t see what is happening here, move along.

The sh*t… oh, I mean SHIRT, is made from cotton and a bunch of other stuff, and is available in several sizes for both men and women. It is also available in different colors.

Harry Potter Gym Tank Top Shirt 2$12.99 From Etsy

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