Harry Potter Monopoly

Harry Potter Monopoly: The Same Old Same Old Game!


Okay, I don’t know if you can comprehend this, but all of the over 2,000 million trillion versions of the board game Monopoly, are exactly the same game, just with different pictures and pieces. The rules haven’t changed at all, there are no new perks, there is absolutely nothing different from the original classic board game. So the fact that you are so easily duped into thinking you are buying something new, makes you the human equivalent of a clapping seal!

But, if you are one of “those” people, and you happen to like movies about magical wizard kids (weirdo), here is a version of Monopoly that is Harry Potter themed. Like I said before, every single thing is the same, except the pictures and names of things have been changed to adhere to Harry Potter fans. The pieces include… wait, you have to make your own pieces…. and hotels and houses…. in fact, this is just a digital download for a printable version of the board and cards.

Oh well, my argument about Monopoly still stands.

Harry Potter Monopoly 2

Harry Potter Monopoly 3

Harry Potter Monopoly 4

Harry Potter Monopoly 5$5.98 From Etsy

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