Finally Get Some Real Sleep Out Of Bed With The Head Hammock


Do you do a lot of traveling? If you do, you may have noticed that it is almost impossible to get any amount of real sleep. Whether you are on a train, plane, or car it simply seems that your head is getting jostled in too many directions to fall into a deep slumber. You know that you will never be ready for that big meeting or to head out on that ultimate vacation. A savvy traveller just like you, she decided it was time to do something about this situation.

Paula Blankenship sat down after many sleepless trips and designed the NodPod, a head hammock that will finally allow you to catch some soulful zzzzzs while traveling. This small device is designed to keep your head at a 90-degree angle while in a sitting position. While it may look like an odd torture device if it allows me to fall asleep and be oblivious to the surroundings around me, I am all for it!

Think of it this way, being able to not have to deal with the countless droning on of the passenger sitting beside you. Or the baby that is going to cry for the whole duration of the trip. I am telling you to invest in this head hammock, earplugs, and an eye mask and you will be set. Sure you may look a little silly, but I bet it will be the best time you ever had while travelling!

Head Hammock
$25 From KickStarter

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