Heirloom Deep Purple Rose Seeds 3

Heirloom Deep Purple Rose Seeds: A Rose By Any Other Name


You have heard about the yellow rose of Texas, right? It’s time to forget about that and focus on this gorgeous deep purple Rose. In fact, this rose has such a deep color it almost passes as a black rose.

These heirloom deep purple rose seeds are perfect for any individual who thinks there’s just too much color in their garden. These flowers are designed to be the star of the show and will gather all the attention during the growing season.

These flowers will complement any other rose variety you have grown in the garden. In particular, they look absolutely stunning next to white or pink rose varieties

The seeds will germinate in about 40 days and once fully grown they truly offer one of the most striking appearances in your garden. They are guaranteed to bring curiosity and beauty seekers alike into your flower garden.

Check them out today and see how unique your garden can look.

Heirloom Deep Purple Rose Seeds 2

Heirloom Deep Purple Rose Seeds 4

Heirloom Deep Purple Rose Seeds$1.69+ From Etsy

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