Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Hello Kitty Contact Lenses: For The Ultimate Hello Kitty Fan


Everyone seems to love Kitty White, also known as Hello Kitty. You see her just about everywhere, posters, shirts, even chainsaws! I am not sure why she is so popular, but she is loved. From her pink little dress and hair bow to the wink of her eye.

If you have been wanting to tell the world that you are the number one fan of Hello Kitty, I think I have found the perfect product for you! It is a set of Hello Kitty contact lenses. I told you they make everything for Hello Kitty. These dark brown lenses show a multitude of Kitty Whites around the iris. While you may creep a few people out, I am sure they will be genuinely loved.

They come in a set of two and can be worn for a month before you have to buy a new set. These are simply cosmetic lenses and offer no corrective features.

$39 From Japan Trend Shop

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