Hellraiser Puzzle Box

This Hellraiser Puzzle Box Is Perfect For Any Horror Fan!


If you are not a fan of horror movies from the 80’s, then move on… go away. Well, unless you are looking for a gift for a fan of 80’s horror movies. In which case, keep reading, because this definitely something they might like!

The movie Hellraiser introduced us to Hell. Sure, we had heard of hell from those weird storytellers that seem to congregate every Sunday at that creepy looking temple, but this was different.

The catalyst for the movie was the most insane Rubik’s cube ever to be imagined. When the box was solved, it would open up the doors to hell, so this guy with nails in his head, or a lady would looks like she just woke up in the middle of plastic surgery, could take your soul to hell, where you would be tortured to sh*t for the rest of eternity… well, unless your ex starts killing Johns with a hammer to feed you their blood and… well it gets complicated from there, so let’s move on.

This is a replica of the famous puzzle box from Hellraiser! And while we are pretty sure that it doesn’t actually conjure up the aforementioned cenobites, because it doesn’t actually work, it would make a pretty cool mantle piece for any horror fan!

The cube is made from maplewood, and is covered in foil laminated stickers to look exactly like the box from the movie. It is 3 inches on all sides.

Hellraiser Puzzle Box 2

Hellraiser Puzzle Box 3$49 From Etsy

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