Hickies Laceless Shoe Fasteners: Never Tie Your Shoes Again


How tired do you get of having to bend down and tie your shoes? If you are like me, you absolutely hate being part of this club. It is just too time consuming to have to bend down and stop what you are doing to tie shoelaces. Of course, if you decide to let it go, you know karma is coming to get you and you will be taking a fall.

If you are looking for a great way to save a few minutes off of your day and save your back from having to bend down so many times in a day! Let me introduce you to the Hickies Laceless Shoe Fasteners, designed to keep your shoes laced and ready to move. No more loose shoelaces to trip over and no more wasted hours tying your laces. Could it not get any better?

Be sure to check out those neon rainbow fasteners for a fun and fresh day!

Hickies Laceless Shoe Fasteners

Hickies Laceless Shoe Fasteners 2
$14.99 From Vat19

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