His And Hers Duvet

Bring Some Humor Into Your Bedroom Using His And Hers Duvet


There are several reasons why I don’t have a girlfriend. The main one is probably that I am incredibly awkward, and I tend to drink a lot. I don’t really understand many aspects of relationships. Why do women tend to expect to be spoiled? We have to hold doors for them, and share our dinner, and all sorts of things that just don’t seem fair. I am in no way a sexist pig (I do all of those things that I am supposed to), it just seems a bit one-sided to me.

And to really drive that theory home, is this duvet that sets in stone the man’s status quo in the relationship. It clearly states where he stands… or lays. And it is actually accurate, as the side labeled “Her Side” takes up about 90 percent of the bed, leaving the man with a small sliver of space to sleep on!

The duvet is 100 percent cotton, and is made of a queen-sized bed, which seems very appropriate.

$135 From Amazon

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