Honest Monk Candid Postcards

Honest Monk Candid Postcards Speak The Truth!


Honest Monk Candid Postcards are your best friend if you want to speak your mind loudly, silently, and completely anonymously. These saucy postcards will let that un-special someone in your life know exactly what you think of them.

The Honest Monk has the perfect postcard for everyone in your life, from your boss, to your business partner. Annoyed at an ex? “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy since I got rid of you” is a great zinger. Having trouble with that phone zombie in your life? “I’d like to get some face time with you sometime, when your face isn’t buried in your phone,” will send the message, old-school postal delivery style.

After you choose the postcard that appropriately fits your angst, payment through PayPal is easy and fast. Honest Monk will scribble out the details for you, and send your sentiments directly to the lucky recipient.

Afraid the sentiments are too mean? Nonsense! How can the recipient be truly wounded when the graphics are so adorable? Every postcard is charmingly illustrated. The “Get Well Soon (because no one wants your germs)” postcard features delicate-looking watercolor balloons along with its flippant missive — perfect for the thinks-they-are-indispensable colleague who comes to work oozing sick from every orifice.

I am expecting the “Yeah if you could tell me what you want to eat instead of shooting down all my ideas that’d be great” postcard any minute now. From any number of people. Sigh.

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Honest Monk Candid Postcards 5$5.45 From Honest Monk

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