Horse Unicorn Costume

This Horse Unicorn Costume Is Downright Cruel!


::Sigh::… I just… ::sigh::… I just can’t.

Look, I have gone off on here about how dressing up your dog is wrong, and you should be ashamed to call yourself an animal lover if you dress your pet up in ridiculous costumes. And I always thought it would stop there. That people could never become even more oblivious to their animals’ feelings. I was wrong… I was dead wrong.

This is a costume for your horse. Not only is it a costume for your horse, but it is of a unicorn. So it is pretty much a slap in the face to your horse. Actually, I don’t know what metaphor you could use here to do this insult justice, because you are pretty much dressing your horse up like one of its mythical (?) dead ancestors! WTF!

The horse unicorn costume consists of a horn that is all glittery, and a tail extension, also all glittery. You will be able to see the tears in your horse’s eyes, as you remind them that they are powerless over your crap, and that their beautiful predecessors became extinct long ago and/or never existed in the first place.

$30 From Etsy

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