Hot Potato Shock Ball

Hot Potato Shock Ball: Can You Handle This Ball’s Energy?


You may remember a time in your life when a simple potato could hold a great amount of joy and fun. That is unless your mom made you peel potatoes as punishment or happened to work in a prison! However, we are talking about that fun game of hot potato that you may have played as a child or currently play with your own children.

Maybe you want a little more excitement in your games or just want to be an evil parent the hot potato shock ball is going to be a real hoot. This ball is sure to set some toes on fire and get a good game going.

The ball randomly sends out a shock every 10 to 30 seconds to whoever is the unfortunate soul who is holding it. There are reportedly over 100 different games that can be played with this ball. All of which will lead to loved ones in various stages of pain. Could life get any better?

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