Hot Sauce Challenge Pack

Hot Sauce Challenge Pack: Let The Flaming Sh*t Festival Begin!


You know, spicy foods have been somewhat of a mystery to me. For most of my life, I had the viewpoint that my food should not physically hurt me. I hated spicy foods, and wouldn’t eat anything past mild. Then, a funny thing happened…

My drinking had become a “problem”, so I set out to prove to myself and others (that b*tch) that I could quit drinking for 1 month. While I did make it the whole month, and it was extremely gratifying, there was one very significant change in me. I started craving spice. And when I say craving, I mean I couldn’t sleep until I had eaten something so hot that it left me traumatized!

So, I am happy to take a look at this hot sauce challenge sampler package that should be able to give you the most painful sh*ts that edible foods can offer! And they have names that are finally honest about the most recognizable attribute of a spicy meal, the aftermath!

There are 12 different hot sauces in the pack, and each is a .75 ounce bottle. They have awesome names like “Hot Sauce From Hell” and “Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper”! Yeah, ghost pepper. For when you are feeling particularly masochistic!

$22.99 From Amazon

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