Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater Lets You Break It Down Like Drizzy


Who doesn’t have an awesome ugly holiday sweater in their closet? If you are anything like me I am counting down the days until I can start wearing that thing of beauty around the office. The bright blinking lights and holiday music tend to annoy my co-workers, so I have been on a search for a new sweater to add to my ever-growing collection.

I was actually rather bored by what I saw in the stores this year. The typical collection of elves, reindeer, and snowmen. While they are all quite capable of carrying an ugly sweater I wanted something more. I was at the end of my line when I saw the glimmer of hope at the end of my sweater shopping ordeal. You could call it my North Star if you will, it was the Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas sweater. It was so ugly it was a miracle in my eyes.

I knew this was the sweater I would be wearing all the way until Christmas morning! No longer will I be considered geeky or nerdy with my sweater. I will be ready to bust a move on the dance floor myself!

$23.99+ From Etsy

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