Hotline Bling Wrapping Paper

Hotline Bling Wrapping Paper: Here Ya Go, Young People


Who is this Drake guy? I’m middle aged and I don’t listen to Drake. I still pop in Guns N’ Roses when I want to listen to music, and I don’t understand you whippersnappers and your obsession with these new age artists. But that doesn’t mean I am ragging on you for it. I listen to the music that was popular when I was growing up, and so do you. It’s not my fault that my music happened to be better than yours!

Anyways, show your love of this “Drake” character, with this Hotline Bling wrapping paper! This is perfect for any youngin who wants to add a modernized feel to plain old wrapping paper (personally, I usually just use newspapers)!

The paper is custom made, and feature little cartoon versions of the famous music star, inspired by songs like “Wearing Less And Going Out More”, and “When You Used To Call Me On Your Cell Phone”, each of which I have never heard. But there is a guy at work who sings both of these to himself all the time, so he must be popular!

$8 From Etsy

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