IncrediSonic Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset

This IncrediSonic Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset Will Get You Robbed!


Do you enjoy getting robbed? Yes? What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, who is so masochistic that they actually want to have someone steal their sh*t and probably beat the crap of you and possibly kill you?! You have some very deep-seeded emotional problems, and you may want to consider seeking professional help before you do any sort of harm to yourself or someone else… freak.

But, if you don’t want to talk to a shrink, here is something that is sure to get you mugged to your heart’s content. It is the IncrediSonic Smartphone Virtual Reality headset, and it is pretty much like blinding yourself to the dangerous world around you, and inviting its characters to take what you have!

The virtual reality headset straps comfortably around your head, and rests over your eyes. It is made of high quality plastic and foam, and allows you to pair with your smartphone to play game apps, and even use your phone using a controller! And, just in case you are worried that you will hear your assailant coming, it also comes with headphones. So have fun… freak!

IncrediSonic Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset  2

Smartphone VR Headset

Virtual Reality Headset$44.95 From Amazon

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