Inflatable Car Bed

This Inflatable Car Bed Will Save Your Life!


Every year, over 1,500 people die in fatal accidents, due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. While that is not nearly as high as alcohol related auto-fatalities (you will never beat beer!), it is still a huge number. So what to do? You could just recognize that you are to tired to drive, pull over, and recharge your (metaphorical) battery, but you got places to be. But you also don’t want to become a statistic.

Well, here is the solution to that problem! It’s the inflatable backseat car bed! So, the next time you feel yourself nodding off, have this thing ready, put the car in cruz control, and hop in the backseat for some much needed shut-eye! Sure, you’ll more than likely take out a few people in the process, but you will be protected the comfort of this bed! Congrats, you just saved a life!

Like stated before, the bed is inflatable, and is made with PVC plastic, and fits most car models. It even comes with an electric air pump so you don’t have to blow your lungs out!

PS: If you use this bed in the aforementioned way, you are a piece of sh*t. Also, if you drive drunk you are a piece of sh*t.

Inflatable Car Bed 2

Inflatable Car Bed 3

Inflatable Car Bed 4$79.88 From Amazon

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