Inflatable Pirate Ship

Inflatable Pirate Ship: Conquer The Pool Or The Seven Seas


Has your young one watched Johhny Deep as Captain Jack Sparrow one too many times? I would assume as long they are not indulging in too much rum drinking and womanizing they are fine. In fact, it is always good to encourage a little imaginative play time. You could grab an eye patch and some pirate clothing and I am pretty sure your son or daughter will have a great day on the beach or at the poolside.

Just thinking about it, it seems like they are missing an integral part of being a pirate. I am not talking about the wise-cracking parrot or peg leg either. To be a true pirate, you need a magnificent ship that will take you through the oceans of the world or at least the 3-foot deep section of the pool! Let me introduce you to the inflatable pirate ship that will bring fear to the local swimming pool!

This red/yellow inflatable pirate ship is crafted from a thick vinyl and features a continuous flow water gun that will help you shoot down any enemy ship or octopus that may be in the area! The ship is designed for only one person and is meant for pirates over the age of eight. But as long as you observe your pirates and they are free of scurvy wee tots of the age of two can enjoy this pool ride.

There is no need to travel the seas or visit a deserted island to find this treasure. All you have to do is click over to Amazon and find the best price for this pirate ship!

Inflatable Pirate Ship 2$28.77 From Amazon

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