Inhalable Caffeine

Inhalable Caffeine Will Give You A Boost


How many times do you feel yourself just dragging along during the day? You know lunch is still a couple of hours away and the lines at Starbucks are just too long to deal with. Yet you know if you don’t get something in your body soon, the boss is going to be jumping all over you. You think about visiting the corner drug dealer from some illegal methods but don’t need an arrest today.

You no longer have to deal with deals like this as there is now inhalable caffeine. This is caffeine you can take with you anywhere and use it for a quick jolt to the system. In order to use it, you simply unscrew the cap and place it to your lips. Once there inhale that sweet energy formula and feel it course through your body. Don’t worry as all you are inhaling is a blend of B Vitamins and 100mg of caffeine. I am sure you have inhaled worse!

With these caffeine capsules, you will never deal with the pre-lunch or after-lunch slump. Who knows you might just get a raise for you attitude and energy at work?

Inhalable Caffeine 2
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