Jeff Goldblum Mug

Jeff Goldblum Mug: Have Coffee With Jeff Goldblum!


I remember one year, for my birthday, a good friend of mine got me a pillowcase with a picture of Nick Cage posing. It is one of my favorite gifts I have ever received, and I still use it to don my bed set. Not because I am attracted to Nick Cage, but more because it’s f*ucking hilarious and ridiculous!

And that is something that has become a craze. Famous people in modeling poses, put on everyday items. So, to keep the trend going, here is a mug that features Jeff Goldblum posing as Fabio or something! So now the best part of waking up, will be…. Jeff Goldblum.

The mug holds 11 ounces of coffee (or beer), and displays Mr. Fly himself (yes, that is an 80s horror movie reference), shirt unbuttoned, laying seductively in the rolling hills of… Greece? Ireland? Columbia? I don’t know, you decide. You’re the one who wants to f*ck him.

It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the image is printed on a white background.

Jeff Goldblum Mug 2

Jeff Goldblum Mug 3$14 From Etsy

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