Jello Shot Syringes

Jello Shot Syringes: How Many Shots Can You Take?


Halloween has to be one of my all-time favorite holidays. Take a minute and think about all Halloween has to offer: Scares, Alcohol, Half-Naked Girls, Candy, Surprises, Alcohol, Half-Naked Girls, Parties, Parades, Alcohol, Half-Naked Girls. Wait a minute was I repeating myself there. OK I have to confess that alcohol and half-naked girls are my two favorite indulgences during Halloween. Never is there a time of the year where you can drink so freely and girls wear so little…and it is perfectly fine to stare.

While I can not help you with getting any half-naked girls (you’re online you can get them yourself) I can help you find a new way to enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Take a look at these Jello Shot Syringes, these are perfect for a spooky Halloween night or really any night that you want to creep your company out.

We just used these during a Walking Dead marathon and filled them with Lime Jello and other concoctions and by the end of the marathon, I think the Walkers had better motor skills and vocabulary than the majority of my guests! They are really fun and great for people who really don’t like the taste of alcohol. Very easy to make and quite addictive to shoot into your mouth.

Best thing about these is there really is no mess to clean up after a hard night of partying! Check them out and let’s see some pictures of the best party you will have with these Jello Shot Syringes!

Jello Shot Syringes 2

Jello Shot Syringes 3$13.95 From Amazon

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