Jellyfish Air Plants

Jellyfish Air Plants: When Sea And Air Combine


One of the most interesting plants I have ever laid eyes on are the jellyfish air plants. Looking at these for the very first time, you will be treated to falling in love all over again…or it may be love for the first time. Hey, we have no clue as to your personal relationships and life history, nor do we have any interest either. Regardless. the jellyfish plant for its unique name and odd appearance is a true friend, even for those without a green thumb!

Air plants are awesome because as long as there is oxygen, they should leave. Now if you happen to wake up and find them wilted and dead, we have a really big problem! These easy to care for plants are shipped in an Alphonse sea urchin, which can easily be hung from the included S-hook. Once they are hanging you are treated to a plant that looks like a…jellyfish! Very good class!

Whether you have no green thumb or are just a lover of the unique, these plants are the perfect addition. And you don’t have to have the skills of Spongebob Squarepants to catch one, just order it off Amazon and have it hanging in your home in a few days.

$33.26 From Amazon

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