Jessica Rabbit Costume

Jessica Rabbit Costume: This Dress Is What Wet Dreams Are Made Of!


Who is the hottest cartoon of all time? Did you say Betty Boop? Well you are wrong! The obvious choice for the one cartoon diva who has forever remained in our spank banks, it is quite obviously the infamous, and sultry Jessica Rabbit!

But, since you can’t f*ck a cartoon (yet), some awesome person has created this dress, which is an accurate replica of the starlet’s famous red garb, in which she seduced us to the tune of lounge music!

The dress is made from velvet, and mesh sequin, and comes in a large variety of sizes. There is no boning to hold the dress up, but that’s okay, because if you put this on, chances are, someone is just going to be ripping it right off of you sometime soon!

But, if you plan on wearing this for more than five minutes before being ravaged, you can also buy the corset and a pair of purple sleeve gloves, you know, just for good measure!

$29.92 – $67.93 From Amazon

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