Jungle Jumparoo

Jungle Jumparoo: Let Your Kids Keep Their Skulls!


When I was a kid, I used to love trampolines. I still do. There is nothing more fun sometimes than being able to jump up in the air to a height of two of you, and coming back down just to do it again. Also, it is really fun to have sex on something that allows you to pretend that you are on the moon… I digress.

The point is, if I had tried to do any of those acrobatics on a trampoline when I was a little, LITTLE kid, I probably would broken my neck, becoming a statistic that would slingshot a Dateline campaign exposing the dangers of backyard fun.

So, here for those little tykes, is the Jungle Jumparoo, a jumping device for little kids that helps keep them upright, not crushing their tiny, delicious skulls!

The plaything has a durable inner-tube at the bottom, and a set of polls coming up from the outer center for your kids to hang on to as they jump. The polls are different colors, because kids love that kind of sh*t, and the whole sha-bang is made for both indoor and outdoor use. And you can attach a hose to it, because kids love that kind of sh*t too!

Jungle Jumparoo 2

Jungle Jumparoo 3

Jungle Jumparoo 4

Jungle Jumparoo 5
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