Laundry Backpack Will Make The Perverts Cry


Do you hate having to lug around your dirty laundry? This is even more of a pain if you have to head over to the laundromat on a weekly basis. Do you really need everyone in town to see that pink little number you bought from Victoria’s Secret? Life just got a lot easier for you and harder for all the pervs in town with this laundry backpack! Finally, an easy way to transport your dirty clothes and is so much more stylish than the black trash bags you have been using!

At 28 x 15 inches this pack will hold a good amount of clothing and the padded straps make it easy to carry. No one wants to get shoulder pain from dirty panties and t-shirts! The expandable top is great if you have a little extra one week.

No one will ever have to know you are heading to the laundromat anymore. Instead, you are just a normal person heading off to the library to write the great American novel! And those pink panties will remain our little secret!

Laundry Backpack 2

Laundry Backpack 3
$50 From KickStarter

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