League Of Regrettable Superheroes

League Of Regrettable Superheroes: This Sh*t Is For Kids!


Okay, I’ll just say it. I may be somewhat of a nerd, but I think comic books are stupid. Sure, I had a collection when I was a kid, but now that is exactly how I view them, as something for little kids. I think they are stupid, and I also think comic book movies are stupid (except for Batman, Christopher Nolan has made that franchise pretty bad-ass). But, then again, I still think “Flight Of The Navigator” is an awesome movie, so, touche’.

So, if you are a comic book fan, you might like this. It is called “The League Of Regrettable Superheroes”. Pretty much what it is, is a collection of “superheroes” from the past, who have lackluster powers that make them look like something that was thought up during an truly uninspiring acid trip.

There are 100 main characters, such as The Eye (just a floating eyeball), and The Black Dwarf (self explanatory). This book offers a backstory to each of these characters, and is actually pretty neat, because it gives some insight into some of the lesser known faces of the vast comic book universe, even though that sh*t is stupid!

If I could have one seemingly useless power, I would be sexman. I would have the power to make anyone (willingly) have sex with me!

League Of Regrettable Superheroes 2

League Of Regrettable Superheroes 3

League Of Regrettable Superheroes 4$14 From Amazon

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