Leather Ammo Bandolier Bracelet

The Leather Ammo Bracelet Will Keep Your Bullets Handy At All Times


I read an article the other day apparently the government has given the go ahead for scientists to work their terrifying science magic to bring dead people back to life… no, seriously, it’s a thing. And it only leads me to believe that it is only a matter of time before the powers that be decide to wipe us out with a giant wave of zombies.

We have to be prepared, people. And here is an accessory to help you along the way! This leather bracelet allows you to hold extra ammo on your wrist! So now you can reload with ease, as you pump round after round into your extremely annoying neighbor… eh hem… I mean, zombies. I said zombies, right?

The bracelet is made from top grain leather, and has slots to fit any caliber for pistols, rifles, and even shotguns! The band will be custom made for your wrist size, and you can choose between 14 different color options! Happy Hunting!

Leather Ammo Bandolier Bracelet 2

Leather Ammo Bandolier Bracelet 3
$35.95 From CDH Store

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