LEGO Candy

LEGO Candy: You Can Finally Eat LEGOs!!!


The thing about LEGOs, is that when you were a kid, all you wanted to do was put things in your mouth (heh heh). But toys like LEGO came with warnings that prevented us such a luxury. As we grew old enough to play with them, we no longer had the urge to eat them, but build some abstract piece of art that we would call a spaceship somehow. Now as an adult, you kind of have to wonder what you were missing out on.

Well, you can stop wondering now, because here are LEGO shaped candies! So now you can live out your long time infant dream (is that a thing?) of eating what, at that age, was considered a choking hazard!

The LEGO candies come in a half pound bag of happiness, and contains about 65 pieces. They are fruit flavored, because everything candy is fruit flavored! No word on what’s actually in them, or if they actually interlock, but we assume they are filled with the shattered dreams of children!

$4.99 From Etsy

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