LEGO Rubik’s Cube

The LEGO Rubik’s Cube Will Solve All Your Problems


Can you remember sitting for hours trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube years ago? How many times would you get frustrated and break it against the wall? Or if you are the non-violent type you would simply take the stickers off and replace them into the correct position, right? Come on, I know I am not the only person who has done that.

Regardless of my cheating methods, I found a unique seller on Etsy who has taken the Rubiks Cube to a whole new level. He has created a cube that has been built with LEGOS! Yes, you read that correctly…LEGOS!

This is a brand new look that puzzle solvers and LEGO fans are going to love! It features a unique texture that brings a new life to the cube. The best part of this brand new Rubiks Cube is the ability to use your existing LEGO sets and add onto the cube! You will be amazed at what you are going to be able to create.

Head over to Etsy and bring this LEGO Rubik’s Cube to the builder or puzzle solver in your life. Or just be greedy and keep it for yourself.

LEGO Rubik’s Cube 2

LEGO Rubik’s Cube 3

LEGO Rubik’s Cube 4$25 From Etsy

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