Level Up Gamer Birthday Cards

Player 2, It’s Your Birthday! Level Up Gamer Birthday Cards!


A typical day of a gamer’s life is this: wake up (if he even sleeps!), get back to the couch (or probably, he just slept on it), grabs the console, and plays all day. And, there’s the occasional call on the phone for some pizza delivery, too. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we’re talking about you – and many of your circle of friends. But how do gamers celebrate their birthday? Yep, you know the answer. Just the same.

You can always make it extra special for your Player 2! If it’s your gamer friend’s birthday, give him something special but not cheesy. How about… a card? No? But what if it’s a Level Up Gamer Birthday Card? Yes. It could be just great! It’s not cheesy. The design does not have flowers, balloons, or senseless swirls. And the best thing about it? It doesn’t even remind him he’s getting older! I mean… “Level Up” could never be related to age, right?

So give him this card… And you can let him win all the time just for his special day. That’s special, too!

$4.95 From Etsy

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