Levitating Air Plant

Levitating Air Plant: FEED ME SEYMOUR, FEED ME NOW!!!


I don’t think I could ever have a house plant. I had one once, but I forgot to water it, and it died a slow, and what I can only assume was an extremely agonizing death. Plus, although I know it was just a movie, I always have this sinking feeling that my plant will wind up being like the one in “Little Shop Of Horrors” and I’ll wind up having to feed it human corpses… maybe I would anyway, just for the f*ck of it.

Anyways, if you are someone who likes plants (and floating things), you might like this floating plant! Yup, because plants are boring, why not add some excitement to the lamest housepet ever, and make it do something cool… like float!

The plant isn’t actually floating. It is held up with a system of magnets with similar polars facing each other… errr… you know how sometimes when you try to push two magnets together, they resist? That’s what is happening here. The plant grows out of a special foam that absorbs water, and available in 3 different sizes.

Do not buy this if your name is Seymour! Sadly, a lot of people will not get that reference.

$173.24 From KickStarter

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