Life Size LEGO Bricks: A Life Size Lego Room? I Am Complete!


How many times have you played with LEGO bricks in your life? More than likely, more times than you can remember. If you have kids, you probably curse their invention as they are quite easy to step on and create some excruciating pain for such a small object.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to sit down and play with LEGOs today without any judgement? Or perhaps you would love to toss your current furniture and create the LEGO house you always dreamed of as a child? No longer consider that a pipe dream as it is a real possibility to start building in real size. Take a look at these life size LEGO bricks. Tell me, this isn’t putting your imagination into first gear right now?

You could seriously create a fully functional LEGO room to play in! Tell me that is not one of the coolest things you have heard today. Personally, I am stoked for this and can not wait to get started. This is every child’s dream come true! So grab some LEGOs and build a new bed, desk, or coffee table. Let me see some awesome pictures when you are complete!

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