Light Up Phone Case

Light Up Phone Case: Now You Can Be The Star Of Instagram


Are you obsessed with taking the perfect selfie? You sit in front of the mirror making sure you look absolutely perfect. You find the perfect outfit (if it is a SFW selfie!). And finalize all makeup to look as stunning as perfect. You have everything perfect and snap your selfie only to see that it is too dark. All that work for naught!

It is now time to say good-bye to those poorly lit pictures with this light up iPhone case! You will have the power to take the ultimate selfie no matter where you happen to be. You will see that you will get more love on your Instagram page when people can actually see your pearly whites!

In addition, this can be used as an emergency backup when you find yourself in the middle of a power outage. Or switch the settings so it will blink whenever you get a text or an incoming phone call.

Check out this illuminated phone case today and never take a selfie in the dark again.

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Light Up Phone Case 7$49.95 From Amazon

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