Live Streaming Video Camera Pen

Live Streaming Video Camera Pen: The Next Step In POV Porn!


I don’t wind up having sex with anything but my left hand very often. At first, this was very frustrating. When I was growing up and becoming an adult, I had a lot of partners. That lasted well into my late twenties, and I am proud and surprised to say that I have never caught an STD, and I don’t have any kids (that I know of). But I have been on a dry spell the past couple years, so I rely on visual stimulation and memories to have my “me time”.

And one way I discovered was great for combining those two things, came to me in college. I had a laptop with a built-in camera. So I started videotaping my sexual encounters (with their permission of course) any chance I got and have them on a hard drive.

So here is a product for those of you who would like to expand your porn collection while reliving your taboo experiences. It is an HD camera in a pen. Not only that, but it also streams to your phone and/or tablet in real time! So you can use this thing to tape yourself f*cking a hot one nighter, and you can watch it at the same time! I call that f*ckception!

Live Streaming Video Camera Pen 2

Live Streaming Video Camera Pen 3

Live Streaming Video Camera Pen 4$199.95 From Hammacher

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