Longboard Baby Stroller

Scare The Crap Out Of Your Baby With This Longboard Baby Stroller!


Sooner or later, you are going to have to face the facts: your baby is a pussy. And it is immature, lazy, and has no ambition. I mean, hell, has that little thing found a job yet? How long does this have to go on before you tell that infant bastard to start pulling its weight around the house?! The reason for this is simple. Your baby has no sense of real fear. Like, you know, actually having a concept that it could die at any moment.

Well here to fix all of that, is this device that acts as both a longboard, and a baby stroller! At last, you can terrify the sh*t out of your child, by travelling at speeds unsafe for a baby, in the road, and on a vehicle that is about as stable as… well, a longboard!

If you look at pictures of this thing, it is exactly what you would think, except the baby’s seat is perched on the front, and looks surprisingly dangerous. I was pretty good with science, and from what I recall, putting extra weight on the front wheel is usually asking to take a digger.

But the most pathetic (funniest) things about the longboard stroller, is that on their own website they have already banned themselves from selling this atrocity in certain countries, including the U.S. So they are acknowledging that their own product is useless and potentially dangerous!

Longboard Baby Stroller 2

Longboard Baby Stroller 3

Longboard Baby Stroller 4

Longboard Baby Stroller 5
$670 From Quinny

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