Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn

Put Your Lips Around This Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn


Is your day filled with magical fairies and never-ending rainbows? Well if it is, we seriously need some of whatever you are smoking and drinking. Because all we are seeing is a grouchy boss and never-ending cubicles. Enough about our “career” if your life is good you should celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than by drinking from a body part of one of the most magical and beautiful animals found on this planet – the Unicorn!

That’s right folks, for the first time ever you can sip your libations from a Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn! It is unknown if you will be granted three wishes or end up pooping rainbows. What is known is you will be one of the elite in this world who has ever had the opportunity to press their lips against this magical horn.

Another benefit from drinking from this horn is you are guaranteeing that all eyes will be on you. It is a guaranteed fact, that anyone holding a unicorn horn is someone to meet and make contact with. Just be warned this is powerful magic and your life may never be the same after drinking from this horn again!

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