Magical Unicorn Poop

Let This Magical Unicorn Poop Enchant Your Neighbors


Do you feel as though your landscaping is just a little too mundane? Maybe the roses and marigolds are not bringing the spark to your yard that you had hoped they would have. Have you even went as far as buying a garden gnome in hopes of bringing your yard to life?

If you want to have the best garden on the block, you are going to have to think outside the box. That usually involves a little bit of pixie dust, but in this case, we are going to try on some poop. And we are not talking any old poop but magical unicorn poop.

This colorful small statue of poop is filled with all the colors of the rainbow. What else would you expect from a unicorn? In addition, this poop is filled with diamonds that allows this pile of poop to shine in all directions.

You will truly see the green in your neighbors when you place this pile of poop front and center in the garden!

$10 From Etsy

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