Magical Unicorn Umbrella

Save The Unicorns With This Magical Unicorn Umbrella!


If that Noah’s Ark thing is true, then we should have had unicorns, right? I mean, they should have been the first thing on the dang boat, because unicorns are awesome! But, since we don’t have unicorns anymore, that means that Noah’s Ark is just a fairy tale, and science certainly backs that up. But what of they are real? Well, then the obvious answer is that rain melts unicorns.

Well not anymore! No more unicorns have to go through the extremely painful act of melting to death with this “Magical” Unicorn umbrella!

We will be honest, this is not magical at all, but it is an umbrella that is colored like a rainbow, and has a handle that is molded to look like those magical, sexy, horned horses from the fairy tales!

The canopy spreads to 40 inches in diameter, and the support pole is 35 inches long. It has a push button opening mechanism, and comes with a plastic polyester sheath!

It is important to note that this is not actually for protecting unicorns, because unicorns aren’t real!

Magical Unicorn Umbrella 2
$14.99 From ThinkGeek

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