Maple Bacon Scented Candle

This Maple Bacon Scented Candle Is The Perfect Torture Device!


Have you ever wanted to torture someone, but you don’t actually want to hurt anybody? Well, then you have problems, man, because that is a really sick conundrum to be in! You shouldn’t torture people; it’s wrong, and we will do whatever it takes to stop your murderous rampage.

So, as a healthy alternative to physical torture, here is this maple bacon scented candle. You see, everybody loves bacon. Just the mere smell of it, is enough to get our stomachs rumbling, and our happy mouth glands (technical name) salivating. So what if you could just lock someone in a room and force them to smell bacon… when there is no bacon. I can’t think of much that would be more mentally torturous!

The bacon scented candle is made from… well it’s a candle, so it’s made of wax. Soy wax to be precise. It has a cotton wick, and comes in a glass jar. The scent is maplewood syrup mixed with regular bacon, so it will definitely be enough to drive your victim to madness!

Seriously, dude, don’t torture people.

Maple Bacon Scented Candle 2

Maple Bacon Scented Candle 3

Maple Bacon Scented Candle 4$7.95 From Etsy

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