Married AF Shirt

Married AF Shirt: Tired Of Getting Hit On In Clubs…This Will Help


Do you hate to go clubbing or dancing with girls after you have gotten married? You know what is going to happen as soon as you step into that room filled with techno and black light, the wolves are going to hit. You know the types of guys, I am talking about. They do not look for a ring, they are just looking and boobs and a good time. More than likely you want to take the nearest bottle and crack it across their head. But you are there for a good time and would rather keep police involvement to an all-time low.

You can give the guys a good sign while they are admiring you “rack” with this Married AF t-shirt. If this doesn’t give them a clue you are married and not interested, they don’t have a prayer. This is a hand-crafted shirt that is not only going to convey your message but is going to feel so good on you while you wear it.

This heather grey shirt is going to give you the comfort of heading out for a night on the town and hopefully letting everyone know you are happy and NOT looking.

$28 From Etsy

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