Marshall Mini Fridge

Marshall Mini Fridge: Take The Relationship Between Beer And Rock & Roll To A Whole New Level


There are a choice few things that I love. At the top of that list is sleeping and pooping, and I am an expert at both. But two other things I love are rock n’ roll and beer. I LOVE them, and the more they can happen at the same time, the better.

And here is something that can help you express those very same two loves. This is a freaking mini fridge that looks like a Marshall electric guitar amp! Have you ever had a mini fridge? It’s f*cking awesome! I used to have one that I used as a nightstand, so I could literally wake up and get my drink on!

The marshall mini fridge has a freezer and 4.4 cubic feet in total for storage of alcohol. It has a half rack and a can rack, and door rack, and a shelf (like any mini fridge). It looks like a half stack guitar amp, complete with the Marshall’s logo and fret cloth!

$399.99 From Marshall Fridge

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