Marvel Comics Bra

The Marvel Bra Makes Boobs Even MORE Awesome!


There are two things in life that are the bees’ knees (besides actual sex): boobs and kicking ass! Kicking ass is just a human instinct, and boobs are… well, they are boobs! So what can we do to combine these two visual favorites? How can you ass-kick boobs?

Well, get ready, because now you can get the Marvel Comics Bra! These over-the shoulder-boulder-holders are decorated with your favorite Marvel superheroes!

For those of you with a more petite look, you have characters like Spiderman and Wolverine, and for your bustier… bust… you have your stronger characters, like the Hulk! Whatever your figure, you can find the perfect costumed warrior to hold your beautiful melons up!

Or, if you just want a mix of anything, you can get a stew of all the superheroes available! So that means you can just combine everything and get right to the point, which is “hey, these are tits!”

It really doesn’t matter which character you go with. As soon as your nerd boyfriend sees you in this thing, he is going to just tear it off of you anyway… probably with his teeth!

$19.96 From Etsy

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