Marvel Vs Dc Chess Set

The Marvel Vs Dc Chess Set is The Most Expensive Chess Set Ever!


Have you recently come across a load of money? Maybe you scratched the right lottery ticket, or you got your tax return, or maybe all of those armed robberies are finally paying off! Whatever the reason is, a better question would be what to spend it on? Well how about something you will most likely never use!

“The Marvel Vs Dc Chess Set” is the perfect purchase for you, if you want to blow some cash on something that will collect dust for years and years, except when you force people to use it! The different pieces represent your favorite comic book characters, including Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk, and even The Flash!

Appropriately, Aquaman has been left out, and even more appropriately, the knights are all characters from the Batman franchise (you see what they did there)!

Each piece is $15. Now, a chess set consists of 16 pieces per side, so that is 32 pieces total. So, if you do the math (don’t worry; we did it for you), you’re looking at spending a little under $500 for the entire set. And that doesn’t even include the board!

$15.99+ From Amazon

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