MBox Weed Monthly Subscription Box

MBox Weed Monthly Subscription Box: Let The Good Times Roll


If you happen to live in the great state of California and happen to have a medical marijuana prescription, you might be feeling pretty good right about now. However, you might be getting bored with the current selection of local cannabis. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to carry unique blends of ganj across state lines.

If you want to experiment with many of the other blends that are available outside of the Golden State, you might want to check into an MBox subscription. This will bring a nice assortment of cannabis related products directly to your door on a monthly basis. Many of the boxes will include vapes, flowers and edibles, premium cannabis concentrates, and other related merchandise that will make your heart go pitter-patter!

The boxes will always arrive in a discreet manner and the mailman or next-door neighbor will never know your little secret. Each box will set you back $97 a month, however, they include over $200 worth of ganj products, so not a bad deal at all.

Check it out today and start enjoying your months a whole lot more!

$97 From JoinClubM

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