Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Minecraft Creeper Backpack: What The Hell Is Minecraft? Anyways, Here’s A Backpack!


When I was in my early 20’s, I remember some friends and I made a very inappropriate prank phone call, and got busted. The parents of the friend whose phone we had used, corralled us into the living room of his house and started lecturing us.

His mom, at one point, said “I can understand calling up a convenient store and saying ‘do you have Prince Albert in a can?’ And if you do, could you please let him out?”… and that’s it. I don’t remember the rest of the lecture. I was focusing on not cracking up, because I had never heard that joke before, and thought it was the funniest sh*t ever! I may or may not have been stoned.

Why did I tell that story? I don’t know, I just f*cking felt like it!

Anyways, here is a backpack that looks like a creeper from Minecraft. For those of you who are one of the millions of adults that have no idea what Minecraft is, join the club! Also, it is an online world where you build things from scratch. And a “creeper” is a creature that chases after people who come within your range, and look suspiciously like a penis and balls.

So if you like that kind of stuff on your back, then this Minecraft creeper backpack is for you. The pack works like any other backpack. It has a large main pocket, several sub-pockets, and is made of polyester.

This is perfect for the anti-social weirdo!

$18.51 From Amazon

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