Mini BB Crossbow

This Mini BB Crossbow Is Cool!


I remember, when I was younger, like a little kid, my uncle bought me an air rifle bb gun for Christmas. I was taught the ins and outs of gun safety at an early age, and was allowed to have what could be a potentially deadly weapon, years before I started grasping a concept of the finality of death. And I also learned that shooting things is really, really fun!

And then something happened. The internet happened, and before long, we had an entire world of information at our fingertips. And, of course, the media used this tool to show all the death and destruction they could come up with. So now something peculiar has happened. Think about it. You have seen the statistics that gun violence levels have actually DECREASED over the past 30 years. But how can that be, if I am reading 10 new stories of people being shot every single day?

My conclusion is that gun violence has also been rampant, but now we are just more frequently exposed to it, thanks to the internet. I am totally digressing.
Here is a perfect gift for your kid if you don’t them to grow up to be a complete p*ssy! It’s a mini crossbow that shoots bbs! This would be a great tool to teach your child the seriousness of gun safety, as it can shoot through cans and cut into wood. So there is a sense of product respect that goes with handling this thing. In my opinion that is an important thing to teach the younger generation.

The mini bb crossbow is tiny. As in, it’s only 9 centimeters long, and 10 centimeters wide!

Mini BB Crossbow  4

Mini BB Crossbow 2

Mini BB Crossbow 3$120 From Etsy

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