Mini Beer Pong Table

Mini Beer Pong Table: Beer Pong For… Little People!!


Look. I go to the bar. Whenever I move to a new place, the first thing I look for is a good local dive bar to drink at. And i found one here that is right down the street from me. And one thing about this bar, is that there is a midget that works there. I have become friends with him, but I have never mustered up the gaul to ask him if he prefers the term “midget” or “little person”. I just prefer to call him by his name (which I will not disclose here).

Anyways, here is something he might like. It is a mini beer pong table that is made for midgets… or little people.. or whatever. So now they won’t have to try and peer over a table top to enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing drunk sport!

The board is made of wood and they are handcrafted in Minnesota…. because Minnesota has absolutely NOTHING else going for it… except my friend Ethan lives there. It is 2 feet long, and has little ball launchers built in. It also has little slots carved in, for little cups… for little people!

Mini Beer Pong Table 2

Mini Beer Pong Table 3$39.99 From Minibeerpong

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