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Mini Museum: This Thing Looks Neat As Hell!


If you have read my other product descriptions on this site, you probably think that I am some bitter, middle aged alcoholic, who doesn’t enjoy much of anything beyond watching TV and copious amounts of pornography. And you would be absolutely right in assuming that!

I’m a tough one to impress, I’ll admit that, and that is mainly due to a combination of 2 different facts about the world I live in. First, I have seen a lot of truly amazing things in my time. Second, that people come up with a lot of really stupid sh*t and try to sell it off as some must-have product. In reality, it’s usually just a piece of garbage.

This is not such a case. This, is actually pretty damned cool! It’s called the Mini Museum, and it is just that. It is a collection of neat specimens from throughout our universe’s known history, encased in a crystal-like rectangular prism that fits in the palm of your hand!

Each specimen is not a whole item, but a small piece of one. For example, there is a tiny piece of the Hindenburg blimp, or a sample from a dagger from the Bronze Age. There is even part of a dorsal plate of an actual stegosaurus! That’s an actual dinosaur bone! Eat that, all you pesky creationists!

Mini Museum 2

Mini Museum 3
$299 From KickStarter

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