Mini VW Microbus: The Beetles Ain’t Got Nothing On This Van


There must be some reason that some kiddie cars outperform others. Maybe it is the type of battery it uses or the manufacturing process. Or it just might be that some of these cars are just way cooler than others. Take the Mini VW Microbus and tell me this doesn’t win hands down over anything Barbie has!

This is a visually striking kid car that any disconcerting child driver would love to have in their garage. Heck, if I could get my body squished into this appealing van, I’d be cruising down the boulevard looking for chicks. However, that is not what this VW Microbus is designed for. This is designed to allow the munchkins the opportunity to drive around the shopping center or the neighborhood park.

This fine baby can reach speeds of 2.5 miles per hour and even has working speakers that can be connected to an MP3 player. Talk about an easy way to get all the kids (and their parents) jealous on the block. Keep in mind that your child will only be able to drive for about an hour and a half after charging for eight hours. So be sure they don’t try and take a spin into the city, or they may be left calling AAA!

Mini VW Microbus 2

Mini VW Microbus 3
$249.95 From Hammacher

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