Minimalist Travel Wallet

This Minimalist Travel Wallet Helps To Keep Your Bulk To An Absolute Minimum


If you are like me, you are broke most of the time. One thing that I never liked about normal wallets, is that the wallet seemed too big for the little amount of money I actual had. I would always look at it, and dream of filling it up with that sweet, sweet mula, but sadly, it seems that day may never come. I need something that isn’t going to depress me on a daily basis.

Well, I think the good folks at Dash Wallets have you and I in mind, with the Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet! This wallet is thin as hell, and is actually designed for travel purposes. It can fit all of your flat stuff, like passport and credit cards, all while maintaining its slim figure. It also makes it a lot harder for pick-pocketers to reach in and steal your sh*t!

The wallet is made from canvas leather, and is cut to the smallest size possible while still being able to fit your essentials. It comes in a classic smooth texture, or a pebble texture, and measures 30 mm by 10.5 mm.

$19 From KickStarter

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